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Skin Tightening


Our skin consists of two layers, the outer layer (epidermis), and the inner layer (dermis). The main structural element of the dermis is a protein called collagen. This protein provides the skin its strength. As we get older, we tend to produce less collagen and this eventually leads to wrinkles, fine lines and bags in the skin.

Thermage is an innovative, non-invasive procedure that causes the existing collagen in the deeper layers of the skin to tighten, which leads to improved facial contours and healthier collagen. With its new radiofrequency technology, this technique is able to improve your appearance. Thermage is so revolutionary it tightens your skin and enhances the contours of your face by reshaping your skin's innermost structures. This leads to healthier, younger looking skin.

The Procedure:

The Thermage procedure uses a radiofrequency laser device that creates a controlled section of heating in the dermis and the deeper tissue of the face. The epidermis is constantly cooled by a cryogen spray in order to protect the outer layers of skin. Heating the collagen to specific temperatures creates a natural biological reaction that causes the collagen to contract and thicken. The result is the beginning of tighter, smoother skin.

In addition to the initial thickening of collagen, the body responds in another way to the heating of the deeper tissue in the face. When the body is wounded, its natural response is to heal the wound by creating new collagen. In the case of Thermage, this creation of new collagen works with the immediate tightening of the skin and adds on long term effects.

Will It Hurt?

Thermage is a non-invasive procedure so it requires no incisions and no recovery time. Some patients do experience mild redness of the skin directly after the procedure but it usually fades quickly. Patients might also experience some mild swelling. This usually subsides 2 to 3 days after the procedure, but some last longer. The longer the swelling persists, however, the better your results will be. Swelling only indicates that the collagen is still thickening.

What Are The Results?

The full effects of the Thermage treatment appear gradually. It can take 2 to 6 months for full results, although some patients do see them sooner. Full results have been known to last for up to 6 months, but recent studies have shown that some thermal collagen modifications have lasted up to several years, depending on the rate of the patients aging process. Thermage is the best non-invasive treatment for reducing the signs of aging and enhancing a more youthful appearance.


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