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The American Laser Centers of Henderson, NV Coming Soon to LaserHairRemoval.Com!

Henderson, NV The American Laser Centers, a growing affiliate of LaserHairRemoval.Com, will soon be opening a brand new clinic in Henderson, NV. Patients throughout the Henderson area will now be able to visit LaserHairRemoval.Com in order to find information concerning this participating clinic.

Unwanted hair has always been a nuisance in our every day lives. With the exception of electrolysis, which can be a long and painful process, all other options for hair removal are temporary at best. Laser hair removal has changed all that. It is a fairly quick and easy way to reduce the amount of unwanted hair on the body. This form of hair removal utilizes lasers that emit a beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle, where it is then absorbed and transformed into heat so that is can disable the follicle.

There are many different types and kinds of lasers. Technicians utilize different lasers because each laser emits a unique wavelength of light. The light wavelengths are successful depending on the patient's skin type. Today, individuals with skin tones ranging from white to dark/tan are able to reduce un-wanted hair with positive results.

Individuals will need to receive multiple treatments in order to completely disable the hair follicles. Most people need anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments, but some might need up to 8. Skin type, coarseness of hair and hair coloring all contribute to the amount of treatments needed. Once the treatments are completed, the hair will most likely cease to grow back but if it does, the thickness, coarseness, and amount of hair in the desired area will be significantly reduced. This is a safe, quick and effective way to solve the problem of unwanted hair.

About American Laser Centers
The technology of hair removal and skin rejuvenation is advancing at the speed of light. But the ability of most practitioners to keep up with this new technology – and to give patients the results and safety they deserve–has been much less impressive. This is why we established American Laser Centers–to give you state-of-the-art appearance enhancement, with the safety, professionalism and medical integrity you demand.

Our proven, medically-tested procedures include laser hair removal, VelaSmooth cellulite reduction therapy and our special Skin Rejuvenation Therapy, which combines energy treatments and Microdermabrasion. All procedures are performed in our offices by our American Laser Centers-trained and certified technicians, according to our exclusive, patented protocols, and with direct support from our on-site board of medical directors. For additional information call 1.800.867.1941 or go online to,

American Laser Centers
Henderson, NV

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