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The Sona MedSpa's of Charlotte, NC Join LaserHairRemoval.Com!

Laser Hair is the nation's number one source for laser hair removal information. Laser Hair is a growing website dedicated to providing up to date and accurate information on any and all hair removal needs. Potential patients can feel confident when visiting Laser Hair because this site can answer all hair removal questions and address all hair removal concerns.

Laser Hair has just added the Sona MedSpa & Laser Centers of Charlotte, NC to their site. The Sona MedSpa & Laser Center of Charlotte in Cotswold and the Sona MedSpa & Laser Center of Charlotte in Ballantyne offer the latest technology for hair removal procedures. Patients can now go beautifully bare on legs, bikini line, face, back or chest with Sona. Featuring several state-of-the-art lasers, Sona treats all skin types and hair colors. Imagine no plucking, waxing or shaving ever again!

Sona MedSpa & Laser CenterSona MedSpa's personalized hair removal system, the Sona Concept, develops an individual treatment program for each patient and is performed by a licensed nurse dedicated to care and safety. The Sona Concept hair removal system removes hair gently from the lip, chin, bikini area, arms, legs, back and shoulders using a targeted laser for lasting precision hair removal. When compared to other harsh hair removal options such as waxing, Sona's hair removal system is a gentle, quick procedure that leaves skin free of unsightly razor burn or cuts. Sona's laser hair removal system allows patients to look and feel their best with smooth, hair-free skin.

Sona MedSpa also offers skin rejuvenation to the residents of Charlotte, NC. Using their FDA-approved, advanced lasers, Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), medical-grade microdermabrasion and therapeutic ultrasound technologies, Sona dramatically enhances natural beauty by reducing age spots/sun spots

To find out more information about Sona MedSpas and other hair removal clinics, visit Laser Hair Laser Hair provides interactive online consultations as well as precise analysis that will help potential patients determine if laser hair removal is right for them. The interactive consultation will deliver results within 60 seconds via e-mail. Results will reveal whether or not the potential patient is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. Laser Hair will also provide the address and phone number of the closest laser hair removal clinic.

The owners of Laser Hair have been working professionally in the hair removal business for over 30 years. The site works internationally with over 200 affiliates across the United States, Canada and the Bahamas to assist potential patients in finding laser hair removal clinics in their area. Those interested in finding out more about laser hair removal can feel confident that one stop to Laser Hair will fulfill all of their hair removal needs.

Sona MedSpa & Laser Center of Charlotte in Cotswold


Sona MedSpa & Laser Center of Charlotte in Ballantyne

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