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Laser Hair Removal Portland

Laser Hair Removal


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Laser Hair Removal Portland

If you’re looking for the one place that offers services for Laser Hair Removal in Portland Oregon that is unmatched by all others, visit our clinic today.  Portland men and women can feel confident that they are reaching a reputable clinic that will get them sensational hair removal results.  Our safety, experience and efficacy are second to none in the Portland area.  For the very best Laser Hair Removal treatments in Oregon, look no further.  Our Laser Hair Removal procedure works by targeting actively growing hair in the hair follicle.  Hair free results last because once the follicle is destroyed, hair cannot grow back.  With temporary hair removal techniques, the hair is removed (either from the skin’s surface or from the follicle), but it is not effectively destroyed, so hair will eventually grow back.  Portland residents who want a lasting hair removal alternative should visit our clinic today.

Our clinic utilizes only the top of the line laser equipment and the most current medical technology in order to give each and every Portland patient the most effective Laser Hair Removal treatments possible.  We understand that each patient wants optimal hair removal results so by individualizing our treatments we can get you the outcome you are looking for.  By taking skin tone, hair color and other genetic factors into consideration, our clinic for Laser Hair Removal in Portland, OR can design an individualized treatment plan that will work for you.  Don’t settle for anything less than the very best, we are here to help you achieve your hair free goals!

For years Portland residents have been turning to our clinic for all their Laser Hair Removal needs.  We all want to have smooth, soft skin every day, but most temporary methods of hair removal currently available to consumers can leave razor burn, bumps, redness or ingrown hairs.  Instead of dealing with the daily hassle of shaving, or the weekly or monthly pain of waxing, consider Laser Hair Removal in Portland.  Our revolutionary hair removal treatment removes unwanted hair from anywhere on the face or body—quickly, with long-term results.

Pure Med Spa
Clackamas Town Center
1200 SE 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97266
Phone: 1-800-867-1941
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Laser Hair Removal

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