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Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation:

Photo Rejuvenation or Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that uses either lasers or light sources to help with several common skin problems that countless people face today. The most common skin ailments include acne, acne scarring, rosacea and facial redness. Skin rejuvenation results in the production of smoother, healthier looking skin. This procedure has become increasingly popular because it is quick, easy and does not require any patient down-time.

How It Works:

Photo Rejuvenation treatment uses either lasers or light based sources like to revitalize your skin from the inside out. This approach combines the laser light along with a cooling cryogen spray to give optimal results with minimal discomfort. The cryogen spray is applied to the skin in order to protect the outer layers while the laser light passes through and stimulates the deeper tissue cells.

Many skin ailments are the cause of a malfunction in the production of collagen within the deeper tissue cells of the skin. Photo rejuvenation stimulates the natural growth of healthy collagen within the skins cells. This procedure is especially effective because collagen growth continues even after the treatment is completed.

Rejuvenation technology is also able to rid the skin of unwanted pigments such as age spots and freckles by penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin with either laser light or pulsed light in order to break up the unwanted pigmentation. Once the pigment is broken apart is it absorbed into the skin, causing for healthy, pigment-free skin. Patients will see improvements in the months following the procedure.

Is It Painful?

This procedure is very advantageous because it is non-invasive and has very few negative effects. Photo rejuvenation is virtually painless, it may cause some patients to develop mild redness but it usually goes away within a few hours. This procedure is non-surgical and requires no down-time. No wounds are created therefore there is no need to take time for healing.

What Are The Results?

Patients may need several treatments in order to produce maximum results. Touch-up procedures are most often needed in order to continue the stimulation of natural collagen growth. Most require five to six photo rejuvenation treatments which can be given every three to four weeks. After a series of treatments, patients will see a serious reduction in skin redness caused by rosacea, a decrease in any unwanted scarring, age spots, freckles and other pigmentations of the skin including acne and acne scaring. Optimal results lead to smoother, healthier skin.

Added Bonus?

Today it is also becoming more common to combine photo rejuvenation with other non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedures. Botox, Thermage, Restylane and Microdermabrasion are a few of the procedures that can be enhanced by laser skin rejuvenation. These procedures reduce the common signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Rejuvenation combined with any one of these procedures will lead to smoother, younger, healthier looking skin.

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