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Laser Hair Removal Nashville Tennessee

Laser Hair Removal in Nashville Tennessee
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Laser Hair Removal Nashville

Everyone living is Nashville loves the music but lives with one secret. About one in four live with excessive hair growth. This hair growth can be the result of medication side effects, hormones or sometimes ancestry. The key is don?t suffer let Nashville Laser Spa help you do something about it.

We all know what it is like we have to find a way to get rid of hair on our underarms and hair on our legs, but we can?t even begin to imagine what it is like to be a female and have facial hair, or a male who has excessive back hair. It turns private moments into embarrassing situations. Even public situations for these women can end in ridicule. I have a best friend who has a mustache. I have stuck up for her for years. I have helped her shave it off, tweeze it off and wax it off. I have gone with her to doctor after doctor just to try to find out why she had this hair. She had numerous blood tests. And you know what, she never got an answer. That is until Nashville Laser Spa came to town. Now she has the option, she no longer has to live through the ridicule or suffer in silence.

Nashville Laser Spa has top-notch staff that can help you get rid of unwanted hair no matter where it is. They offer Laser Hair Removal, which is one of only two types of permanent hair removal methods. Electrolysis, which is the other type, has been around for over 100 years, but in that time has advanced little. Laser Hair Removal has been approved by the FDA for only about 20 years but in that short time it has advanced more than electrolysis has. When Laser Hair Removal was first introduced it could only be used by a specific group of people, which was dark haired individuals. Now though because of advancements almost everyone can have Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal is quite different from its competitor in terms of how it works. Electrolysis actually uses an electric current that is injected into the body through a needle. This current is increased until the point at which the hair falls out. The electric current heats up the hair follicle until it is damaged. Laser Hair Removal uses a light to damage the hair follicle. The laser light shines through the skin. Nothing is inserted into the skin. With electrolysis sessions last between 30 minutes and several hours. With Laser Hair Removal sessions last from under a minute to one hour for large areas such as your legs. With both methods you need follow up treatments in order to complete the hair removal process. With Laser Hair Removal you will need three to eight visits, which are scheduled approximately four weeks apart. With electrolysis you will need between 15 and 30 visits also scheduled four weeks apart.

Nashville Laser Spa offers a guarantee that states that if you are not happy with the results from you Laser Hair Removal you can come in for another session at no cost to you. The next step is up to you come in or call for an appointment.


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