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Laser Vein Therapy

Laser Vein Removal:

Vein disorders are a serious reality for many people. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, but vein disorders cause a lot of unnecessary aggravation and embarrassment. Laser vein removal is an easy solution to an ever-growing problem.

If you suffer from a vein disorder, but are hesitant about long, painful procedures, laser vein removal may be just what you're looking for. The origins of some vein disorders are still unknown, but it is thought that many are caused by heredity, excessive standing, weight gain, hormonal changes and even pregnancy.

Laser technology has become an important factor in the treatment of vascular deformities. Laser vein removal allows for the treatment of vein disorders using non-invasive, non-surgical technology. The most common vein disorders today are spider veins and varicose veins. These and other disorders, depending on severity, have been successfully treated using this laser treatment.

How It Works :

Brief light pulses are delivered to the vein through the skin's surface. They are absorbed by hemoglobin (the substance that gives blood the reddish, purple color) and converted into heat. This heat causes the walls of the vein to collapse which, in turn, stops the blood flow. Once this happens, the vein is slowly absorbed into the body, disappearing from sight.

Laser technology enables the doctor to collapse the veins without doing any damage to the outer layers of skin. The wavelength discharged through the pulse enables the light to reach the target veins under the skin while evading the outer skin entirely. The light pulses are delivered so quickly, there is not enough time for the skin to be damaged.

Will It Hurt?

When the laser is used, it produces a minor tingling feeling and causes the skin to become slightly red. This usually subsides after a few days. Cooling agents are in place in order to maximize comfort and protect the outer layers of the skin. A local anesthetic can be used if a patient finds the application of the laser too painful.


There are a few minor risks that are sometimes associated with laser vein procedures.

  • slight discoloration of skin or pigment change
  • allergic reaction to anesthetic
  • insufficient removal of veins

All of these risks are rare and completely treatable. Patients should confer with a physician in order to attain all the pertinent information.

What To Do After The Treatment:

This procedure results in rapid healing with minimal side effects. Some patients occasionally blister, experience temporary skin discoloration, bruising and/or reddening of the skin. These conditions usually subside anywhere between a few weeks and a few months.

After the procedure, for the first 48 hours, patients should avoid any strenuous activity, keep the treatment area moist with antibiotic cream and avoid any anti-inflammatory or aspirin related medications. Patients should also wear support hoes for at least three days. This will reduce any inflammation and build-up that might cause the legs to swell or cause the veins to return.

The most important thing to do after treatment is limit your exposure to the sun. All patients' skin will be very susceptible to sunlight. If patients do need to go outside for any reason, sunscreen should be worn at all times.

How Much Will It Cost?

Laser vein removal treatments usually start at about $200.00 and tend to go up from there. Treatments can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and are usually spaced about 3 to 6 weeks apart depending on the severity of the vein disorder.

What Results Can I Expect?

Laser vein treatment works by breaking up veins so that they can be dissolved and absorbed by the body. This does not happen immediately. Veins usually dissolve over the course of several weeks. If patients take all the necessary precautions following their treatments, a vein disorder free life is a real possibility.

Laser Vein Removal

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