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Laser hair removal in Gary Indiana is certainly one of the latest means to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body permanently. It uses some of the most advanced technologies to remove hair safely and quickly. Basically, the device emanates laser beams. This light passes through the skin and reaches the hair follicles in the treatment area below. Actually, it is the hair that carries the light to the follicles where it transforms into heat and destroys the follicles at the root. As a result of this, you will get permanent hair removal solution with the laser hair removal.

It was only recently that the laser treatments were introduced to consumers.  Before its introduction in 1999, electrolysis was the only way of getting rid of hair permanently. However, compared to this technology, electrolysis seems to be a primitive one. It treats each hair follicle individually and is both primitive and time consuming. At the same time, the process was very painful and often did not deliver the desired result. On the other hand, the laser hair removal works faster on the hair follicles. And apart from being effective, it does not cause pain as well.

However, if you are now looking for a laser hair removal Gary, IN clinic, there are several things that you should know before you fix up any appointment. Though the laser hair removal treatment is effective, it has a success rate of 70 to 90 percent. Well, that is a still higher rate when compared to the other methods of treatment. Still, since laser hair removal treatments are more expensive, it is important to make sure that your body will correspond perfectly to the treatment.

Ideally, the laser hair removal works best on people who have darker hair and a lighter complexion. However, with the introduction of new and improved laser technologies, now patients with skin tones ranging from light to dark can undergo treatments safely.  However, because laser uses pigment seeking technology, those with lighter hair colors such as blonde, gray, white and red still cannot undergo treatments because these hair colors do not contain enough pigment to be properly treated. However, apart from the complexion of the skin and the color of the hair, there are some other factors that play important role in making the laser hair removal effective.

One of the most important factors that will play a role in the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments in Gary, IN is sun exposure.  Exposure to the sun, whether it be direct sunlight, or other methods such as tanning beds or tanning creams, changing the pigment of your skin can alter the effectiveness of your treatment.  During the laser procedure, the laser technician is looking for a contrast between skin color and hair color.  Because while hair contains pigment, so does skin. So when exposing yourself to the sun prior to treatment, you are hindering the overall effectiveness of your treatment.

Another important factor is the hair removal methods used before and during treatments.  Waxing or tweezing hair in the treated area is strongly recommended against because these hair removal methods remove the hair at the follicle level.  The laser passes through the outer layers of skin and is attracted to the hair follicles below, if there is no hair in the follicle at treatment time, then it will not be effectively treated.

To learn more about treatments for laser hair removal in Gary, IN, come in for a free and confidential consultation.  Let our certified laser technicians show you how easy it is to be hair free. - Laser Hair Removal City Articles
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