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Laser Hair Removal Kalamazoo Michigan

Laser Hair Removal in Kalamazoo Michigan
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Laser Hair Removal Kalamazoo

Are you sick of that ugly unsightly hair? Well if that’s the case than laser hair removal in Kalamazoo Michigan is just the thing that you’ve been looking for! Laser hair removal is state-of-the-art FDA approved hair reduction technology. So, how exactly does it remove hair? Laser hair removal works by emitting laser light into the skin. After the light passes through the skin it is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and destroyed. Following the procedure, the destroyed hair will fall out and will not grow back. However, because this procedure only targets hair which has melanin (pigment) and is in the follicle; multiple treatments will be required and the treatment is ineffective for light colored hair (such as blond, red, and gray hair).

What are some common treatment areas?

Laser hair removal is known for fast and effective hair reduction on multiple areas on the body. The most common areas which we treat at Kalamazoo laser hair removal are facial areas such as the chin and upper lip. A lot of women like to get their legs treated so they can enjoy hair free legs without shaving. And another favorite is women’s underarm hair removal; women just love to not have to shave their underarms! Now this procedure is not just for women, men also like to get the treatment done! The most popular areas for a man are the back and shoulders.

If you’re interested in learning more information about the procedure please fill out the free consultation and find out how easy it is to drop the razor!

At New Day Family Medicine and Day Spa, we are continually dedicated to informing potential patients about all the benefits of the revolutionary laser hair removal procedure.  The warm Michigan summers make it almost impossible to hide pesky, unwanted hair under layers of clothing, so why continue to suffer with embarrassing unwanted hair?  With the innovative laser technology that we provide to all of our clients at our state-of-the-art facility we are confident we can get you the lasting hair reduction results you’ve been searching for.  Just imagine how great it will feel to throw away those razors and wax strips once and for all.  Visit New Day today and see just how easy it is to be hair free!


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