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Laser Hair Removal Edmonton Canada

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton Alberta

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Laser Hair Removal Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton Alberta is a revolutionary procedure for the removal of unwanted hair.  While laser treatments are the latest advancement in hair removal technology and many men and women have seen phenomenal results with this treatment, not everyone will have the same experience.  One thing to consider when contemplating undergoing this treatment is whether or not you’ll be considered a good candidate. Despite the hype and all too common misinformation on the internet, it is not a miracle cure for all unwanted hair. Our lasers target melanin which is the pigment or color found in your skin and hair. Therefore, those patients with hair colors like blonde, gray, white and red will not experience effective hair removal results because these hair colors do not contain enough pigment to be effectively treated.

The ideal candidate for this non-invasive aesthetic laser treatment is someone with lighter skin tones and dark hair. Because the laser is attracted to pigment, the more contrast between your hair color and skin tone, the better results you will experience.  Patients with skin tones that are darker in color are able to see effective results as long as there is at least some color contrast between their hair and their skin.  The laser needs to be able to distinguish between your hair color and skin tone in order to effectively target and destroy the hair.  If you skin tone is dark, don’t think that our treatments for Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton, AB aren’t for you.  Our certified laser technicians can properly configure the laser according to your hair type and skin tone in order to help maximize the efficiency of the treatment, and minimize the risks.

While Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton is a safe and effective procedure, there are still many safety precautions that should be taken.  It is important to know that our Edmonton clinic will take every safety precaution necessary in order to ensure that each and every client experiences safe, effective Laser Hair Removal treatments.  Stop waiting and get started with your Laser Hair Removal treatments today and see how quickly you can be hair free.

Contact: Laser Hair Removal Centers of Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal Edmonton Alberta Canada

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