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Cellulite Reduction Buffalo NY

Cellulite Reduction Buffalo NY

Cellulite Reduction Buffalo NY

Cellulite Reduction in Buffalo NY is more popular now than ever before.  Cellulite, well known as that dimpled, lumpy skin that some individuals experience on their thighs, hips and buttocks is a condition that is found in almost 90% of women over the age of 20.  A layer of fatty connective tissue lies just beneath the outer layers of skin and this is where cellulite is formed. The tissue design for women differs greatly from that of men which is why cellulite primarily affects women.  The body works hard to effectively circulate and remove waste products but when this system is not working properly, waste begins to build up.  Waste becomes trapped in the connective tissue which eventually stretches, thickens and hardens.  This tissue hardening immobilizes waste and causes the bumpy, dimply appearance that is most often associated with cellulite.

At Cheryl’s Hair Removal & Cellulite Reduction Center in Buffalo, NY our cellulite reduction methods are second to none.  We offer interested individuals a multitude of ways to restore their smoother, tighter skin.  We now offer our clients over the counter cellulite reduction methods such as green teas and cellulite reduction creams.  While research has indicated that these methods many not be successful on their own, we feel that these methods, in conjunction with clinical cellulite reduction treatments can provide more successful, longer lasting results. Green tea anti-oxidants and cellulite creams provide added circulation benefits that can help to continue the natural eradication of excess waste from the body between and after in house cellulite treatments.

The most advanced technology available for lasting Cellulite Reduction in Buffalo NY can be found at Cheryl’s in two laser cellulite reduction treatments: VelaShape™ and SmoothShapes®. VelaShape and SmoothShapes are the two most technologically advanced laser cellulite reduction treatments, and are the only two methods that we recommend for circumferential reduction and lasting cellulite reduction.  Those Buffalo area residents who are fighting the good fight against unwanted cellulite but can’t seem to see lasting results with diet and exercise alone, our laser cellulite treatments may be just what you’ve been searching for.

Our innovative cellulite reduction technology utilizes deep laser action combined with enhanced stimulation to increase microcirculation.  VelaShape and SmoothShapes work to stimulate action within the subcutaneous tissue layers which ultimately breaks apart hardened connective tissue for the removal of excess fat.  A series of treatments can reduce excess waste, enhance overall body contour and a significantly reduce the the visible appearance of cellulite.  At Cheryl’s Hair Removal & Cellulite Reduction Center, after a series of treatments all our patients are left with is smooth, cellulite free skin that lasts.

Depending on the severity of your unwanted cellulite, one of our two treatments will be better suited for you; this can be determined during your free consultation.  Visit Cheryl’s Hair Removal and Cellulite Reduction Center today and learn more about these innovative cellulite reduction treatments.  Our on-site registered nurse will review the areas you are interested in treating and will advise you on which of our treatments will be the best course of action.  Make your unwanted cellulite a thing of the past by visiting Cheryl’s today!

For more information about Cellulite Reduction in Buffalo NY, please contact us today!

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