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Laser Hair Removal Brooklyn

Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn New York is quickly becoming one of the easiest and most convenient ways for men and women to remove unwanted facial and body hair.  Based on the principal of selective photothermolysis, laser treatments effectively disable unwanted hair with concentrated beams of laser light.  Since its inception in 1998, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments undergone by both men and women; this treatment is now available in clinics, doctor’s offices and medical spas around the world.  This hair removal option is truly revolutionary because it can be used on virtually any part of the face or body for safe and effective permanent hair reduction; with this treatment, patients get hair removal that lasts.

The hair reduction effects of laser treatments are much more long term than more traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, tweezing and waxing because instead of simply removing the hair, this treatment destroys it.   Laser Hair Removal utilizes concentrated beams of light, which pass through the outer layers of skin and target the hair follicles below.  The laser light is attracted to, and absorbed by, the pigment (color) found in the hair follicles.  Once absorbed the, light transforms into heat and that heat effectively destroys actively growing hair follicles. Because the laser light is selective (only targets the hair follicles) treatments destroy unwanted hair without damaging the surrounding skin and underlying tissue. 

Treatments for Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn are most effective on coarse, dark hair; there still is no laser available that can treat lighter hair colors such as blonde, gray, white and red hair.  These patients won’t see effective results because the laser simply does not have the capability to ‘see’ the hair.  Because laser is attracted to pigment, when first introduced, laser treatments could only be performed on those with lighter skin tones (the laser had a difficult time distinguishing between hair color and skin tone in darker skinned patients).  However, lasers have since been developed that provide safe effective treatments for patients with all skin tones.

Patients will find that Laser Hair Removal treatments are generally performed by a doctor, nurse, esthetician or professional laser technician in an office, clinic or spa like setting.  Treatments for the removal of unwanted body or facial hair generally take at least six sessions in order to successfully destroy all actively growing hair follicles. All hair grows in three different cycles yet can only be effectively destroyed while in the active growth cycle.  Because laser treatments work best on actively growing hair follicles, patients must undergo multiple sessions in order to ensure that all of the follicles are effectively disabled as they go through their active growth cycle.

After a series of treatments for Laser Hair Removal Brooklyn, NY, the treated area will be virtually hair free, and will remain so for an extended period of time.  Once a hair follicle is destroyed with the laser it will never again grow back; however, all men and women have millions of hair follicles covering their bodies, many of which are inactive (and could possibly remain inactive), so it is impossible to guarantee that none of these hair follicles will eventually activate.  Most patients will experience an 85 to 100 per cent permanent hair reduction in a treatment area.  For unwanted hair removal that provides lasting results, there’s no better treatment than Laser Hair Removal.

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