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Laser Hair Removal Bronx

For those who are curious about treatments for Laser Hair Removal in the Bronx New York, finding out more is easier now than ever before.  For those who find themselves struggling on a daily basis with unwanted facial and body hair, laser treatments may be the answer you are looking for.  As laser technology continues to advance, laser treatments have become faster, more effective and less painful; after just a simple treatment series, men and women will find that they can literally throw their razors away.  Just imagine never again struggling with temporary hair removal methods, whether you wax, shave, tweeze or use depilatory creams, after undergoing laser hair removal you can say goodbye for good.

Another reason why Laser Hair Removal in the Bronx, NY only continues to grow in popularity is because it is now available to more individuals than ever before.  When the treatment first became available to consumers in 1998, only those individuals with light skin and dark hair could successfully undergo treatment.  The lasers used for treatment all employ pigment seeking laser light; the laser destroys hair by being attracted to and absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles.  While this is innovative technology, because skin also contains pigment, at first, only those with a large contrast between hair color and skin tone could undergo treatments successfully.  However, laser technology has progressed at an amazing rate; over the years several new lasers have been developed that are specifically designed to treat patients with darker skin tones.  Today, patients with all skin tones ranging from light to dark can experience lasting results.

While the technological advancements have truly revolutionized the hair removal industry, laser treatments still will work for everyone.  Laser technology is now capable of treating men and women with all skin tones, but lasers still utilize pigment seeking light; this means those patients with lighter hair colors such as red, gray, blonde and white will not experience hair reduction results.  The laser treatment works as such—the laser is passed over the treatment area, the light passes through the outer layers of skin and is attracted to the pigmented hair follicles below.  That laser light turns into heat, and that heat cauterizes the blood supply of the hair follicle, rendering it inactive.  Those with lighter hair colors will not experience results because these hair colors are not dark enough to attract the laser light.  If the laser light cannot ‘see’ the hair, it will not destroy it.

For those Bronx residents who are fighting the good fight against unwanted hair, know that you aren’t alone.  Millions of individuals struggle each and every day with unwanted hair and temporary hair removal methods just never seem to cut it. Whether you are a man struggling with a five o’clock shadow or you are a woman constantly worried about embarrassing upper lip and chin hair, laser treatments can help you once and for all.  Once you complete a series of treatments there’ll be no more razors, no more wax strips, no more bleaches or creams or trimmers or tweezers, all you’ll be left with is smooth, hair free skin that lasts.  Laser Hair Removal in the Bronx is easier now than ever before, so jump on the laser bandwagon and see how easy it is to be hair free!


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